Symphonic Gong Workshop

I discovered the world of Symphonic Gong in 2005, and instantly realised that the Gong is a very condensed and pure form of musical playground*, that I had to have one right away and begin a journey of Sound Creation with the Gong.

Since then I have taken the Symphonic Gong (38” diameter) and its stand, into Special Schools and played for the students, and let them sound the gong, while I accompanied them on the Hang percussion instrument. These workshops have been a great success.

The gong has also been combined with mosaic-making workshops, and storytelling workshops, that came about in response to different school’s suggestions.

*My gong is composed of 47 different metals, the molecules of each reacting to the others and creating sounds of great depth and diversity – all interacting and endlessly resolving dissonance into resonant harmony. When I went to school nobody told me that a fundamental law of the universe is that dissonance always resolves itself into harmony. The symphonic gong demonstrates this in the most visceral and dynamic way.

Gong workshop at Greenfield's Special School, 2007. This was combined with making mosaic panels with beach pebbles.