Story Telling

I have been receiving training as a story teller since 2005 and offer workshops in story telling and story creation. These workshops can and have been combined with symphonic gong…to stunning effect.*

The tales I tell are wonder-tales, and my speciality is in drawing out the humour in the tales*

This is an example of a workshop I ran at Dilston Comprehensive School, Northampton to a hall full of 100 Children. I asked the children to journey to the end of their lives in their imagination. I then had the children listen to the Symphonic Gong for up to ten minutes while journeying to the end of their lives, and then to report back on the world that they saw there. After listening to the Gong the children relate how they see the world of th future…their world, the one they are going to make…and their reports are full of the contradictions that we are all familiar with (e.g. “a world where all disease is cured” or “a world where terrible pollution has caused terrible diseases”.

*examples of some of the tales I tell could be:
The Russian wonder-tales “Wondrous Wonder” and “The Old Man and the Tsar”
The story of the Tortoise and the Two Ducks
The First Gypsy that ever went to Heaven
The Curing Fox
The Preacher and his Horse
How Horses came into this World
The Story of Hare, Crocodile and Whiteman
The Story of Hare and the Moon
The Fairytale of the Old Man and the Old Woman
The Story of the Farmer and the Yak
Carl’s Bad Day (a timberframing story)
The Peddler of Swaffam
The Boy who had no luck

Eliot accompanies storyteller Miriam Scott on the Hang at Cumnor Primary School. Oxford, 2009.