Music Workshops

These workshops happen after installing a Musical Play area. Up to a class at a time can be introduced to each instrument, shown how to hold and use a beater, have a go on each instrument, and led through fun music making by myself playing the Swiss-made percussion instrument, the Hang, whose magical sound blends with all the instruments I make.

These music workshops have been incredibly successful, and produce wonderful music in no time at all. The structure of the music making, led by the Hang, is so simple that it can be led by one of the children, if time allows for each group’s session.

Each session will also include a question and answer period. Each school decides how big or small the groups are, and how long the sessions last. Schools usually want the most children as possible to be able to participate.

Small group music workshops have also been done in preparation for an opening of a Musical Play area, and the children involved encouraged to co-create a piece of music for the Opening. To see more pictures of music workshops please click here.

Music workshop with slap tubes at Burlington Primary School, New Malden, Surrey, 2008.

Showing the Hang at a music workshop at Abercromby Nursery School, Liverpool 2009.

Music Workshop with 3-way musical play design at Burlington Primary School, 2008.