Mosaic Making with Beach Pebbles Workshop

I enjoy taking the children through the design process of making small mosaics using beach pebbles, shells and softened beach glass – setting them in a warm brown mortar. These workshops have been done with Primary School Children in Pembrokeshire* and Special Needs Students in Northamptonshire.**

The workshops can be at least two days, and up to 5 days or more – producing tactile panels that can be mounted on the outside of the school walls, in specially made oak frames. With the Primary School children we began with a drawing competition across the whole school. Four designs were selected, and children worked in small groups to translate their drawings into “dry” mosaics with the beach pebbles and shells etc. The children then selected the best two designs, and these were made into finished mosaic panels.

With the special needs students each class explored the texture and nature of the different pebbles and shells, exploring them as a sensory experience – and then made a design in the oak frame. At the end of a class two designs were selected. At the end of the day final selections were made, sometimes combined, for a finished panel. Each session was combined with a 20 minute Gong Workshop in the arts studio.

Recently I was commissioned to make a Dragonfly mosaic for a Sensory Pergola made for a Nursery School in Liverpool (see picture below)

* See July 2006, list of works, Johnston Country Primary School
** June 2007, list of works, Greenfields Special School, Northampton

Beach pebble mosaic made for Abercromby Nursery School. Liverpool, 2009.

Big Arts Week. Johnston County Primary, 2006.

Mosaic making at Greenfield Special School, Northampton.