As traditional British timber framing is my passion I welcome any opportunity of making larger structures to house the musical instruments, or other structures that function as stages, shelters or pergolas. I am a very skilled worker of wood, and can build complicated designs with relative ease…such as the Japanese inspired Pergola, made of larch, from an initial design by artist Rachel Fenner, at Great Milton Primary School.

In recent years I have developed an oak frame design of a hexagonal pergola that houses six musical instruments in the sides (chimes, xylobars, gongs, marimba, slit tubes and bells). Openings in the corners allow access. This Pergola has an open interlocking roof 8’/2.5m above ground level.

This pergola can be: a musical pergola, a sensory pergola, or a simple covered pergola which can easily become a splendid multipurpose outdoor classroom. I am fully committed to developing this area of my work further and am always available to discuss your specific requirements and ideas for your school.

Japanese pergola at Great Milton Primary School, 1995.

Japanese pergola at Great Milton Primary School 1995 - another view.

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