A set of 16 aluminium bars (75mm wide) tuned to a microtonal scale (with the notes closer together than found in the western Chromatic scale). The effect is to bring the player to listen closely to find new relationships between the notes. The xylobars are relatively quiet, and have a shimmering quality. Many children delight in this shimmering quality, and find themselves transported to a “magical place of ice and snow” in their imagination.

The xylobars are made in an Oak frame, and are part of the 6-sided Musical Pergola, and are the quieter option for the 3-way Musical Play design.


are aluminium octagonal sheets, the different notes produced by different sizes. There is a fundamental high and low in each gong. The gongs are supplied either hung in 3mm s.s. cable, or pinned with s.s. pins in slots made in the Oak posts (for another heavy-duty and robust design). The gongs are supplied in Oak frames, and are the louder option of the 3-way Musical Play design, and are also part of the 6-sided Musical Pergola.

The sizzlegong is the same as the largest of the 3 gongs that come in a set, but also have small loose screws, with nuts, the freely vibrate and ‘sizzle’ against the sheet when struck. All the gongs have simple etched decorative patterns (as do the xylobars).

Gong at Pembury House Centre for Childhood. London, 1998.

Xylobars (in a sound box) at Tindal Primary School. Birmingham, 1997.

To listen to the gong, click here.
To listen to the xylobars, click here.