125mm gas or waterpipe, fitted to Oak rails. Another heavy duty design, this instrument is laid out horizontally. The tubes can be slapped or struck, used as voice-tubes, and also listening tubes (picking up the environmental sound of a Musical Play area, flightpath, etc). Supplied as a set of 5, but can be as many as 12 or more….which is why they are listen as price per tube on the pricelist.


A similar concept to slap-tubes, but have a spring paddle mounted on the end of the pipe, making them especially accessible for Special Needs children. These sprung paddles are made to order by a specialist supplier. The slap-tubes and drums are pentatonically tuned and become the ‘bass’ part of a Musical Play area.

Slaptubes at music workshop at
St. Christophers C of E Primary School. Langford, Glos 2009.

Slaptube as voice tube, Burlington Primary School. New Malden, 2008.

To listen to the slaptubes being played, click here.