Softwood Marimba

Larch is used as a durable softwood for an outdoor marimba, coated in a microporous stain of blue or red. These sets of Marimba are each tuned to an individual scale, many derived from “World Music”. They can be tuned to any scale required. Each wooden key (of a set of 12) has two notes combined where the edges of the key meet at the corners. These Marimbas need hard beaters to produce a strong sound. They are hung with 12mm polypropylene rope. They are also part of the 3-way Musical Play design, and are included in the 6-sided Musical Pergola.

Hardwood Marimba

A set of 12 keys pentatonically tuned (as the chimes), and suspended on s.s. pins between two Oak rails. The bottom ends of the keys are housed in a groove in the bottom rail of the Oak frame. This is a heavy duty design, often chosen to accompany the touch-chimes. The keys have a delightful ‘light, watery’ sound, again best produced with hard beaters.

Hardwood marimba with carved childrens' drawings. Ammanford Infants School, 2004.

Softwood marimba hung in musical pergola. Stretham Community Primary School, 2000.

To listen to the hardwood marimba, click here.
To listen to the softwood marimba, click here.