Black plastic tubes that can be bolted to Oak rails. Another heavy-duty design, and another bass part to a Musical Play area, best played with hard beaters. The tubes are 100mm in diameter, and are brightened up with highlights of paint and colour.


75mm diameter aluminium tubes, with slits at each end. The length of these slits defines each note. The slit-tubes come in sets of 5 or 7 (with either 10 notes or 14 notes, in total). This is a very unusual instrument, supplied in an Oak Frame, with the vibration of each tube carrying right through the instrument, creating a ‘wall of sound’ – rather like an orchestral gong. Also a part of the 6-sided Musical Pergola.

Music workshop at Fairfields Special School's Sound Garden. Northampton, 2000.

Slit tubes as part of musical pergola at Stretham County Primary School. 2000.