Stainless steel (s.s.) square tubes tuned to a pentatonic scale. Each chime has a pair of beaterballs attached by s.s. cable. These chimes are very beautiful, and the design very robust. Since 1992 many sets of these chimes have been supplied for Special Needs and Early Years children. The chimes are supplied in a single oak frame, a sculptural oak frame, or in the sides of an Oak Double Archway handsome enough to grace any environment, rural or urban.

Aluminium Chimes

Round tubes, again tuned to a pentatonic scale (or tuned to any scale by request). They are suspended in 3mm s.s. cable in an Oak frame. The Chimes also feature in the 3-way musical play design, where they are hung with 10mm polypropylene rope between two Oak posts. They are also part of the 6-sided Musical Pergola, suspended in 3mm s.s. cable. The Chimes are richly resonant as the tubes act as resonators, and could be described as bells.

Touch-chimes in sculptural frame with childrens' carvings at Chatham Place Nursery School, Liverpool, 2006.

Touch-chimes with carved childrens' drawings at Ammanford Infants School, 2004.

To listen to the touch chimes, click here.
To listen to the aluminium chimes, click here.