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List of Works - Click here to view the photo gallery


Spring 2017 - Pembroke

Two more large glass panels for Fence.

January 2017 - Pembrokeshire

New series of art panels for the Art on the Faith Trail 2017.


November 2016 - Aberdare

Music workshop in a classroom with Special Needs children at Park Lane Special School, Aberdare, S Wales – a tremendous afternoon for all involved.

Autumn 2016 - Pembroke

2 large glass panels of sea glass for Fence.

July 2016 - Letterston

Co-curated exhibition with poet Miriam Scott at St Giles Church, Letterston – as part of the Art on the Faith Trail, 2016 – 8 panels created to display in the Church and one panel in St David’s Cathedral.

Summer 2016 - Pembroke

Oak Fence with recycled boards, and designed for four outdoor glass panels.

May 2016 - USA

Two sets of 12 touch-chimes sent to USA to be part of a sensory sculpture designed by Split Rock Studios of St. Paul, Minnesota, for a new Children’s Museum in South Dakota – installed September 2016.

March 2016 - Saundersfoot

Pair of oak gates created for an oak double archway made ten years earlier (November 07).

Winter 2015/16 - Pembroke

Two large seaglass and stained glass panels for a bathroom and guest room looking out on busy road.


October 2015 Pembrokeshire

Carving letters into oak box for private client for his baby son

September 2015 Milbourne St Andrew First School, Milbourne St Andrew, Dorset DT11 OJE

Two way musical play sculpture with carvings of children’s drawings, and music workshop day

July 2015 St David’s Cathedral, Llanrhian Church, St Giles Church, Pembrokeshire

Art in Faith exhibition, exhibited seaglass Saraswati panels

May 2015 Langstone Primary School

Re-hanging chimes

April 2015 Pembrokeshire

Beach-mosiaced garden steps

April 2015 Stackpole School, Pembrokeshire

3 way musical play sculpture with carvings of children’s drawings

March 2015 Cardiganshire

Carving and painting children’s drawings in beech headboards and siderails of bunkbed – themed “The Ship of Dreams” for private client


December 2014 Pembrokeshire

Oak porch for private clients

September 2014 Llanberis

First seaglass commission from eco-retreat centre

August 2014 St David’s Cathedral and Llanrhian Church, Pembrokeshire

Art in Faith Exhibition, exhibited seaglass panels

June 2014 Oxfordshire

Maintenance and repair of musical garden at St Christopher’s C of E Primary School

May 2014 Robert Piggott C of E Infant School

Refurbishing musical garden, replacing chimes with diving bottle bells and replacing softwood marimba with larch marimba.



New website installed.

November 2013 Pembrokeshire

Finished conservatory.

November 2013

Oak framed extension to existing Conservatory, with stained glass panel, and multiple mosaic panels in floor and walls.

October 2013 Nevill Hall hospital

Participated in the unique Sound Healing event in the Outpatients Waiting area called Soundscape. Click here for more information.

September 2013 Clifford Primary School, Hay on Wye, HR3 5HA

Replaced softwood marimba in Musical Garden with a Larch marimba.

August 2013 Portfield School, Haverfordwest SA61 1BS

Oak Infant Clatterbridge.

May 2013 St David's cathedral & Llanrhian Church

Created three Seashore Angels from Oak Boards,with carving, sea-glass, fossils & pottery fragments, for the Art on the Faith Trail, North Pembrokeshire. Gongbath in Llanrhian Church.

April 2013 private client in South Pembrokeshire

Oak framed Conservatory for private client in South Pembrokeshire.


November 2012 St. Christopher's Catholic Primary School ,Tarbock Road,Liverpool, L24 0SN

Oak Storytelling Chair with carved children's drawings.

October 2012 Nevill Hall Hospital,Abergavenny

Participated in the unique Sound Healing event in the Outpatients Waiting area called Soundscape. Click here for more information.

September 2012: Langstone Primary School, Newport NP18 2JU

Memorial Outdoor Musical Play Area in Oak framework,with carvings of children's drawings.

June 2012 Abercromby Nursery School, Liverpool L8 7QA

Oak Tree platform with Wendy House.

March 2012: Abercromby Nursery School, Liverpool L8 7QA

2 radial tree seats, 2 woodland benches, and 4 cube seats with children's drawings complete a special area around the next Tall Storytelling Chair, ready for learning and imaginative play. Magic mirrors inside the nearby sensory pergola could suggest new ways of looking at the world...

January 2012 - Abercromby Nursery School, Liverpool L8 7QA

The Tall Storytelling Chair has arrived and so has the surrounding seating. A teacher introduces the Chair and its possibilities to an excited small group. Right after this session it's playtime and another small group takes over the area with their own freeform version. Later, a lone reader enjoys a good book with the Chair to himself. The carvings on the back of the Chair are all from nursery children's drawings. (Click here to see more pictures).


December 2011 - private client in Pembrokeshire

Sculptural oak table with glass.

November 2011 - Chorley New Road Primary School, Horwich, Bolton BL6 6EW

Tall story telling chair carved with children's drawings.

September 2011 - Private client in Pembrokeshire

"Carved oak bedhead for private clients in Pembrokeshire, decorated with a variety of carvings of client's choice together with other small decorative items. Central post is decorated with small fossils.

July-August 2011 - Private client in Pembrokeshire

Six sided pergola with roof.

July 2011 - Icknield School, Sawston, Cambridgeshire CB22 3EA

Storytelling and musical workshop day.

May 2011: Private client in Pembrokeshire.

Timberframed Oak Conservatory.

April 2011: Private clients in North Wales

Carved Oak Bedhead for “Western” themed bedroom.

April 2011: Icknield Primary School, Lynton Way, Sawston, Cambs CB22 3EA (Click for map)

8 Alu Chimes, Hardwood Marimba and 16 Xylobars, all in oak framework.

March 2011: Autism Centre, Pembroke School, SA71 4RL

Music Workshop, with Gong and Hang, for autistic children.

March 2011: Pembroke Dock Community School, SA72 6LQ

I tutored a group of adults and children in making musical instruments from recycled materials and found objects.

February 2011: Autism Centre, Pembroke School, Bush, Pembroke, SA71 4RL (Click for map)

12 Touch-Chimes in oak frame, with children's carvings - part of new sensory garden.

2010 Click to go to the top of the page

December 2010: Autism Centre, Pembroke School, Pembrokeshire, SA71 4RL

Music workshop for Autistic Children.

November 2010: Durand Primary School, Alianore Road, Caldicott, Monmouthshire NP26 5DF (Click for map)

12 Touch-Chimes in oak frame, and 6 slaptubes in oak frame, and one day workshop.

June 2010: Cae Mabon Retreat Centre in N. Wales

I donated 8 Alu Chimes to the Centre.

June 2010: Portfield Special School, Portfield, Haverfordwest, SA61 1BS (Click for map)

12 touch chimes, 8 Alu Chimes and Hardwood Marimba, all in oak frames, for courtyard of new school and outdoor area of early years part of older school.

May 2010: Ysgol Bro Cinmeirch, Llanrhaedr, Denbigh, LL16 4NL (Click for map)

Alu Chimes in oak frame and music workshop.

February 2010: One woman show by artist Frederica Chapman, various venues in Pembrokeshire.

I improvised and performed music on a wide variety of percussion instruments to accompany the whole show.

2009 Click to go to the top of the page

December 2009: Private client in Horwich, Bolton.

8 Alu Chimes and 3 Barrel Bells.

October 2009: St Mary's Primary School, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6EP (Click for map)

Sculptural frame with children's drawings carved in curved posts, alu chimes.

September 2009: Cumnor Primary School, Oxford, OX2 9PQ (Click for map)

6 sided oak pergola as Shelter, with old chimes on outer side of opening.

June 2009: Springwell Children's Centre, Liverpool, L20 6PG (Click for map)

Alu Chimes, touch chimes in archway, hardwood marimba and gongs in oak frames. Workshop day.

April 2009: St Christopher's Primary C of E Primary School, Langford Gloucestershire, GL7 3LA (Click for map)

Slaptubes, gongs, barrel and bottlebells in oak frames. Touch chimes in Archway and Workshop day.

February 2009: Abercromby Nursery School, Liverpool, L8 7QA (Click for map)

6-sided musical Sensory Pergola: with chimes, gongs, with slit-tubes, barrel bells and diving bottle bells, two sides as benches, 6 curved braces with carvings of children's drawings, a hexagonal mosaic in the centre of the floor of beach pebbles (dragonfly design), 3 inner corners of acrylic mirror, 3 outer corners with aromatic climbing plants - commissioned as a memorial to manager Edna Hunter.

2008 Click to go to the top of the page

November 2008: Manorbier Primary School, Pembrokeshire, SA70 7SN (Click for map)

12 Touch-chimes in single oak frame, music workshop with children, and short performance.

November 2008: Portfield (Special) School, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 BS (Click for map)

Gong workshop for two classes of children, school succeeded in applying for funding for a musical trail in a newly built courtyard.

September 2008: St Mary's Infants school, London N8 7BU (Click for map)

Set of 6 slap-tubes in oak framework - replacing a set that a tree had crushed tubes and frame.

September 2008: Burlington Primary School, New Malden, KT3 4LT (Click for map)

Touch-chimes, Xylobars, Hardwood marimba, alu chimes in oak rails and fitted to 6-sided pergola - music workshop with children.

September 2008: Cambridge Children's Centre, Liverpool, L20 9LQ (Click for map)

3 gongs in oak posts, alu chimes in oak frame.

June 2008: Potley Hill Primary School, Yately Hampshire, GU46 6AG (Click for map)

3-way musical play design (with gongs)

June 2008: Greenacre Nursey School, Liverpool L20 6PJ (Click for map)

12 Touch-chimes in single oak frame, 3 gongs in oak posts, alu chimes in oak frame, hardwood marimba, xylobars. Music workshop day with children: see DVD “sounding around”.

June 2008: Manorbier Primary School, Pembrokeshire SA70 7SN (Click for map)

3 way musical play (with gongs), 4 barrel bells as water bells: music workshop and short performance.

May 2008: Chestnut Lodge Special School, Widnes, WA8 7HF (Click for map)

Oak double archway with touch-chimes and softwood marimba.

April 2008: Trinity Fields (Special ) School, Ystrad Mynach, CF82 7XW (Click for map)

12 Touch-chimes in single oak frame, 3 Gongs in oak posts, hardwood marimba, slit-tubes, 4 barrel-bells as water-bells.

2007 Click to go to the top of the page

November 2007: private client, Saundersfoot,Pembs

Double oak archway for garden.

October 2007: Barlows Primary School, Liverpool, L9 9EH (Click for map)

12 Touch-chimes in single oak frame.

July 2007: Severn Infants School, Cardiff, CF11 9DZ (Click for map)

Alu Chimes in oak frame, xylobars in sculptural frame with carvings from children's drawings.

June 2007 Greenfields Special School, Northampton, (Click for map)

Week of workshops with special needs children combining mosaic panel making with beach pebbles, and symphonic gong sound creation.

May 2007 Penmaes Special School, Brecon LD3 7HL (Click for map)

6 sided musical pergola (with gongs, chimes, xylobars, softwood, marimba, slit-tubes and sizzlegong), 12 touch-chimes in oak archway, 16 xylobars, hardwood marimba, 8 barrel-bells - 4 of which are water-bells. Also did gong workshop outdoors.

March 2007: Rutland House (Special ) School, Nottingham, NG3 5AJ (Click for map)

Swinging chimes in oak frame, for end of sensory trail. Also did a gong workshop out of doors.

2006 Click to go to the top of the page

December 2006: Duston (Comprehensive) School, Northampton, NN5 6XA

Storytelling and story creation workshop day

December 2006: Penmaes (Special School) Brecon, LD3 7HL

Three Oak Benches, with carved lettering, for tranquillity garden

December 2006: Hamilton Primary School, High Wycombe, HP3 6SG (Click for map)

3-way musical play design (with xylobars) set of slap-tubes in oak framework.

October 2006: Greenfields (Special) School Northampton NN2 8LR

Gong workshop

September 2006: Chatham Place Nursery School, Liverpool L7 3HD (Click for map)

12 Touch-chimes with sculptural frame with carved children's drawings.

July 2006: Artist in residence, as part of “Big Arts” week SA62 3PU (Click for map)

With the children of Johnston County Primary School, Pembs, created two large beach pebble mosaics of the children's selected designs.

June 2006: Birch Hill Primary School, Bracknel, RG12 7WW (Click for map)

3-way musical play design with gongs.

June 2006: College Town Infants School Bracknell, GU47 OQF

3 way musical play design, with gongs.

May 2006: Holly Spring Infants School, Bracknell, RG12 2FW (Click for map)

3-way musical play design with gongs.

May 2006: Harmans Water Primary School, Bracknell, RG12 9NE (Click for map)

3-way musical play design, with xylobars.

April 2006: Ascot Heath Infants School, Ascot SL5 8PN (Click for map)

12 touch-chimes in single oak frame.

April 2006 St Pauls and All Hallows Infant School, London, N17 OHH (Click for map)

Xylobars, gongs, alu chimes in oak frames, music workshop day.

March 2006 Mapledene Project, a nursery in East London

Alu Chimes in oak fram.

March 2006 New Scotland Hill Primary School, Little Sandhurst, GU47 8NQ (Click for map)

12 Touch-chimes in oak frame, xylobars in frame.

January 2006 Abercromby Nursery School, Liverpool, L8 7QA (Click for map)

12 Touch-chimes in oak archway, 3 gongs in frame, hardwood marimba, xylobars, and workshop day.

2005 Click to go to the top of the page

September 2005 Benchill Young People's Centre, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 8EJ (Click for map)

12 Touch-chimes in oak archway.

September 2005 Solent infant school, Portsmouth, PO6 IDH (Click for map)

Alu chimes in oak frame.

July 2005 Graveley Primary School, Graveley, Herts, ST4 7LW (Click for map)

Alu chimes in oak frame.

July 2005 Greenside (Special) school, Stevenage SG2 9X6 (Click for map)

Xylobars and two slap-drums. 12 Touch-chimes in oak frame.

June 2005: Gaer School, Newport, NP20 3FP (Click for map)

3-way musical play design with gongs, xylobars in frame.

February 2005: Nightingale School, London, N22 4ES (Click for map)

Sculptural frame with carved children's drawings and xylobars and chimes.

February 2005: Jack Tizard (Special) School, London, W12 7PA (Click for map)

Rotary Shaker on oak post.

January 2005: Kingston Buci First School, Shoreham-by-sea, BN43 6GA (Click for map)

Alu Chimes in Oak Frame.

2004 Click to go to the top of the page

December 2004: Clifford Primary School, Herefordshire, HR3 5HA (Click for map)

3 Gongs in posts, large sizzlegong, alu chimes in frame, hit-tubes in frame, softwood marimba hung between frames.

October 2004: Newington Infant School, Ramsgate, CT12 6JS (Click for map)

Sculptural frame with carved children's drawings and slit tubes and sizzle-gong.

July 2004: Ammanford Infants School, Ammanford, SA18 2NF (Click for map)

6 touch-chimes in sculptural frame with carved children's drawings, hardwood marimba with same.

June 2004: Greenhall Community Special School, Stafford, ST16 IPS (Click for map)

Rotary shaker on oak post, 3 gongs in oak posts, touch-chimes and marimba, in oak frames with glass panels.

May 2004: Our Lady Star of the Sea Primary School, Liverpool, L21 3TR (Click for map)

3 gongs in oak posts, xylobars in frame.

February 2004: Robert Piggott C of E Infant School, Wargrave, Berkshire, RG10 8ED (Click for map)

3-way musical play design with gongs, rotary shaker on oak post.

January 2004 Lady Zia Wernher (Special) School, Luton, LU2 9AY (Click for map)

Long oak sensory pergola, with 6 glass panels along one side, touch-chimes and tactile panels on the other. Also four instruments in oak frames.

2003 Click to go to the top of the page

December 2003: Greenfields (Special) School, Northampton, NN2 8LR (Click for map)

Sensory trail of: touch chimes in single frame, xylobars, alu chimes, gongs in posts, hardwood marimba.

October 2003: Our Lady Star of the Sea Primary School, Liverpool, L21 3TR (Click for map)

Touch-chimes and hardwood marimba in oak frames with two glass panels, gongs in posts, xylobars, 2 oak benches with carved children's drawings.

August 2003: “Art in the Wild” summer school at Holywell Environmental Centre, North Wales

Supervising children designing and carving their designs into oak slabs, for a sensory garden

May 2003: Shiremoor and Killingworth Nurseries in Newcastle NE12 6SL (Click for map)

Chimes and softwood marimba for both nurseries.

April 2003: Oswaldtwistle Wildlife Park at Foxhill Bank, Lancashire

Oak 6-sided pergola with carved children's drawings, and two sets of alu chimes - eventually dismantled and moved to Moor End Primary School.

April 2003: Edward's Rainbow Centre, Bradford BD4 0EA (Click for map)

Oak 6-sided sensory pergola with chimes, xylobars, gongs, hardwood marimba, slit tubes and sizzlegong. Also 9 glass panels of “jungle” animals, 3 corners with acrylic mirror, and 3 corners of aromatic climbing plants.

March 2003: Musical fence for V & A Children's Museum at Bethnal Green, London

On the third floor of the museum.

January 2003: 20 - 21 Gallery, Scunthorpe

Touch-chimes in oak archway, with 4 triangular and one main glass panel - for “making sense” exhibition - now on display at Trefalen Farm.

2002 Click to go to the top of the page

October 2002: Chadsgrove (Special) School, Bromsgrove

Alu chimes in oak framework.

September 2002: Newington Infants School, Ramsgate

3-way musical play design with xylobars, gongs in posts, slaptubes in oak framework.

July 2002: Wildlife wood-sculpting and carving summer school

For 8-10 year olds at Wepre Nature Reserve, Queensferry.

July 2002: Flintshire Children's Centre, Mancot, Mermaid Palace

Featuring oak frame, 12 touch-chimes and 2 glass mermaid panels by Jacquetta Balla.

July 2002: Pen Barras Primary School, Ruthin

Design and drawing workshops with two classes

July 2002 Musical Playday at Tir Morfa Primary School, Rhyl

June 2002: St Clement's Community Centre, London, W11

Touch-chimes in oak archway, and three-way musical play design with gongs.

June 2002: Milbourne Lodge Junior School, Esher

Alu chimes and softwood marimba in oak framework.

March 2002 : Woodley Nursery School, Reading

3-way musical play design with gongs.

March 2002: Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

(Sensory Garden in Town Centre) Touch-chimes in oak archway

2001 Click to go to the top of the page

December 2001: Alder Hay Children's Hospital, Eaton House, Respite Centre

Touch-chimes in oak frame with 3 glass panels.

November 2001: Copnor Infants School, Portsmouth

Touch-chimes in oak frame with 3 glass panels.

November 2001: Drum making course in the Alpajarra region of Spain

September 2001: St James Primary School, East Hanney, Oxfordshire

3-way musical play design with xylobars.

August 2001: Sure Start Howden, Newcastle

Carving and painting “flagpole”.

July 2001: Sure Start Howden

Sensory tunnel, featuring 9 panels of Jacquetta Balla's fused glass panels and 12 touch-chimes.

June/July 2001 : Wheeler Lane Infants School, Birmingham

3 way Musical Play

June 2001: Brondyffryn Primary School, Denbigh

Musical Playday at the school.

June 2001: Highfields (Special) School Huddersfield

Various instruments in oak framework.

May 2001 : Aqueduct Primary School, Telford

3 musical instruments in 3 oak frames for new garden area.

April 2001: Hope (Special) School, Wigan

Various instruments in oak framework for two areas in the school.

March 2001: St Peter in Chains Primary School, London N8

Large instrument in long oak frame.

February 2001: St Aidan's Primary School, London N4

Chimes in Oak Frame

January 2001: Horton Lodge Special School, Leeds, Staffordshire

Musical trail with oak double archway with touch-chimes and four more instruments in frames.

2000 Click to go to the top of the page

December 2000: North Staffordshire (Special Needs) Adventure Playground

3rd Instrument in Oak Frame

November 2000: Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast (Childrens Hospital)

Touch chimes in Oak Archway, and chimes and xylobars in oak frames at the children's hospital at the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast 6 Touch-Chimes in Oak Frame for private client near Aylesbury, Bucks

October 2000: Fairfields (Special) School, Northampton

Musical Playground in sensory garden

September 2000

Touch-Chimes in Oak Archway for Highfields (Special) School, Huddersfield Touch-Chimes in Oak Archway, and Musical Playground in new sensory garden in Addington (Special) School, Reading.
Japanese Waiting Bench for Japanese Garden at Le Manoir Aux Quat' Saisons, Great Milton, Oxon

July 2000 - October 1999: Templeton Primary School, Pembrokeshire

Sculptural Pergola of 3 carved Archways and 3 oak frames with instruments. Collaboration with sculptor Robert Jakes, part funded by the Arts Council for Wales.

June 2000: Stretham Community Primary School, Nr. Ely, Cambridgeshire

Hexagonal Oak Pergola with musical instruments, open dome roof and stained glass panels.

April 2000: William Harvey Special Needs School, Haringey, London

Musical Playground.

January 2000: North Staffordshire Adventure Playground (Special Needs)

Two musical instruments in oak frames.

1999 Click to go to the top of the page

December 1999

Visit to New Zealand: Gave presentation about the musical Playgrounds in Auckland and Hamilton. Made a wooden Marimba for Awhitu Nursery.

November 1999

Visit to Bali to see the different Gamelan Orchestras and music produced.

October 1999: Gladstone Primary School, Henley-on-Thames

Two musical instruments in oak frames.
Pair of Sculptural Benches for Valley Road Primary School, Henley-on-Thames.

September 1999

Led a course called Freeform at a Handwork College in Sweden, where the students designed and made an Adult Musical Play Area in one week. Musical Playground for a nursery near the college, using the leftovers from Freeform.
Gave presentations about the musical Playgrounds in various parts of Sweden: Stockholm, Maristad, Varmsborg, Lund and Malmo.

August 1999: Redgates (Special) School, Croydon

Musical Playground and Oak bridge, with ramps and steps

July 1999: Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, Metropolitan Borough Council.

Oak Double Gates for conservation area.

April 1999: Longton Cottage Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent

Swinging Chimes in oak frame for new sensory garden. Commissioned by Groundwork.

January 1999: Winsford, Cheshire.

Sculptural Stile with carved and painted children's drawings. Commissioned by Vale Royal Borough Council.

1998 Click to go to the top of the page

December 1998

Oak roof on new extension for private client in Cheshire.

November 1998: Pembury House Centre for Childhood, Tottenham

Musical Playground. Paid for by DfEE.

September 1998: Turnshaw's Special School, Huddersfield.

Touch-chimes in Archway, and Swinging Chimes for new Sensory Garden
Repair of 17th Century oak Partition Wall for restoration of an old house in Holywell.

August 1998

Oak Porch for private client in Cheshire (an architect who designed the porch).

July 1998

Oak Triangular Pergola. Commissioned by Groundwork.

June 1998 :Raddlebarn Junior and Infants School, Selly Oak, Birmingham

Musical Playground , installed in Infant's Yard.

May 1998:Bucknall Hospital, Stoke on Trent

Swinging Chimes in detachable rail for new sensory garden at. Commissioned by Groundwork.

April 1998: Llay, Wrexham.

Oak frame for an artist's map.

March 1998 : Bangor-on-Dee, near Wrexham

Oak bench on riverside walk. Features carved wood and painted animals developed from drawings by a class from the local primary school.

1997 Click to go to the top of the page

September 1997 : Tindale Primary School, Mosely, Birmingham

New Musical Playground for with Kevin Renton. Installed December 1997.

August 1997 : South Oxford Adventure Playground, Oxford

Touch Chimes and Slap Drums for New Musical Play Area

July 1997 : Blackbird Leys Adventure Playground, Oxford

Set of Swinging Chimes in Oak Frame

July 1997:

Oak Roof Trusses made for Belfield Timber, St Asaph, for restoration of old house in Holywell.

July 1997 : RNIB Redhill College, Surrey

Touch Chimes in Archway with Instrument maker Tony Dale.

April 1997 : St Benet's R.C, Primary School, Netherton, Liverpool.

Oak Archway.

1997: Smallberry Green Primary School, Hounslow, Middlesex

New Musical Play Area with instrument maker Kevin Renton.

1996 Click to go to the top of the page

October 1996 - St James R.C, Primary School, Bootle, Liverpool.

Oak Stage with Moongates for infants' yard.

August 1996 - Children's Hospital in Thessalonica, Greece

Touch-chimes in Oak Frame, sent to for new play area.

May 1996 - RNIB Sunshine House, Northwood, Middlesex

Touch-chimes in Archway, and Slapdrums in Oak Frame for new sensory trail with instrument maker John Walls.

April 1996 - Valley Road Nursery, Henley on Thames, Oxon

Touch-Chimes in Oak Frame with instrument maker John Walls.

March 1996 - July 1996

For Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons, Great Milton, Oxfordshire (references available on request).
25ft long Oak Curved Footbridge for Garden entrance at Tea Garden of Fugetsu-An (with side panelling and handrails, and Giboshi on end posts).
3 Platform Yatsuhashi, Oak Staggered Bridge, on edge of pond through planted irises.

1995 Click to go to the top of the page

December 1995 - Calder Kids Adventure Playground, Liverpool

Japanese Pagoda sited on mound in New Japanese Garden Area.

October 1995 - Great Milton Primary School, Oxfordshire

13 Metre Japanese Pergola, based on a design by Rachel Fenner,to complete a new Sculpted garden area in the school's grounds.

March 1995 - Wrexham

Oak Timberframe Pergola designed and built for a new Sense Garden, organised by the Groundwork Trust for Sheltered Housing in Wrexham.

1994/1993 Click to go to the top of the page

July 1994 - November 1994 - Oxford

Architectural timberframe conservation work working with Brushwood Oak near Oxford.

January 1994 - July 1994 - Wrexham

Built four Oak Features for New Japanese Garden Area, Acton Park, Wrexham (Wrexham Maelor Borough Council) These were: A Torii (Archway), a Japanese Fence, a pair of Windchimes (with Tony Dale) and an Oak Garden-Lantern installed in the Lake.

May 1993 - July 1993 - Calder Kids Adventure Playground, Liverpool

Designed and built outdoor Oak Timberframe Stage

1992 Click to go to the top of the page

May 1992 - July 1992 - Stackpole Centre, Pembrokeshire

Collaborated with Tony Dale to create a musical play area at the Stackpole Centre (Macintyre) This is part of a walled garden project being developed as a “Garden of the Senses”. Stackpole Centre is an inclusive national holiday resource for people with disabilities. Tony Dale and I went on to make several oak archways with touch-chimes for Special Schools in England and Wales.