About Us

The oak frames are handmade to order, using the techniques of traditional British timberframing. Most of the framework is connected using mortice and tenon joinery, that is pegged with home made oak pegs. The joinery is incredibly strong and tamper proof.

The surfaces of the oak are checked for any sharpness, which if found is removed and softened. The edges of the oak are chamfered or drawknifed and then sanded. The frames are marked and numbered with Roman numerals, which is part of the tradition.

The oak frames are tactile, safe, natural and long-lasting. I make sure the oak is sourced from British trees – some come from North Pembrokeshire and some from the Welsh Borders (much oak from British sawmills has been imported from Eastern Europe and Russia, arriving from France and called “French Oak”).

I consider my work to be amongst the best possible uses for the oak, work produced in a sensitive and responsible way – beautiful work produced from a beautiful place. Wherever they’re placed, the oak frames have a very strong presence.

Most playground “equipment” produced today seems very sterile, homogenous, mass-produced, impersonal and dull. The oak frames and instruments are individually produced expressions of Spirit. The musical instruments make the magic of music making available for all children. No other instrument makers can offer this combination and experience of combining traditional British Timberframing and outdoor tuned percussion.