Welcome to the website of Clwyd Oak’s Musical Play and Sensory Gardens

My name is Eliot Baron and I have been trading as Clwyd Oak/Musical Play, making musical playgrounds, since 1992. These can consist of musical pergolas, sound gardens and sensory/sound trails for primary school children, including those with special needs. The instruments are set in oak frames and incorporate recycled materials.

In Autumn 2013 I became Art of Oak, intent on broadening the work I am now offering. Please visit the new website at www.artofoak.co.uk

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Since 1992 I have successfully installed musical play in oak framework in more than 46 special schools, 56 primary and infant schools and 18 nursery schools, all over the UK and beyond. My work embodies my twin passions of traditional British oak timberframing and creating various tuned percussion instruments to make music outdoors, for all schools. I offer unrivalled personal service at competitive prices. Please explore and enjoy my website.

Find out about my company, Clwyd Oak, about ordering and installing. Take a look at a complete illustrated list of my works and see if there is an example near you. Read testimonials and interviews. Look at photos illustrating the pleasure and learning children find in musical play along with other aspects of my work. For prices please contact Eliot at eliotsartofoak@gmail.com, or call 01646 680 433.

Read complete descriptions of all the instruments I produce and their tunings, with soundclips. Take a look at some of the forms my playgrounds and sound gardens can take and the workshops that can take place within and around them.

Just for an initial taster, why not click here for lively video footage of Greenacre Nursery's sound garden (installed in Bootle, Liverpool, June 2008).